Gustavo Avila

Bogotá, Colombia

software developer

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Systems and Computing Engineering. I am a Full Stack developer with more than nine years of professional experience developing software for millions of users across a wide range of companies from telecommunications and delivery services to social networks and banking. I have worked with Ruby on Rails, React, Java, Go, AWS, SQL and NoSQL databases, stream processing platforms, containers, microservices, mobile apps, among others. I am the main maintainer of an open source project used by tech companies and developers. In my free time I mentor developers.

I fell in love with computers at a very young age. I remember writing shell scripts to bypass DRM protected software, installing DOOM using floppy disks on Windows 95, selling hacked CD's at school, using the Altavista search engine to create my first e-mail on Yahoo and messing up with the hardware of my family owned computer to play videogames at full speed. I no longer write illegal code but code that adds value to millions of people.